Westlake Girls High School - Year 12 Design & Visual Communication

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Westlake Girls High School


Kit includes:
Pencil 3H Staedtler Tradition
+Q7Pencil HB Staedtler Tradition
NAS A3 120gsm Layout Pad 20p
NAS A3 Display Book/ Clear file 30 sleeves
19Y9 Manilla A3 Folio
Staetdler 55950 WP Compass
Staedtler Pigment Liner - Set of 4
LUNA Aquarelle Pencil 12's
Set Square 260 45/45
Set Square 260 30/60
T Square A3 500mm

Orders placed by 20th January 2019 will be delivered during the first week of term. Thereafter delivery will be weekly.