Long Bay College - Level 3 APA Painting Kit

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Long Bay College


Long Bay College Level 3 APA Painting Kit:

  • Plastic A4 Satchel 
  • NAS A3 Spiral Bound Workbook 150g 50p Landscape
  • NAS A3 Display Book 30 FIXED pages 
  • Derivan Professional Acrylic 75ml set 6 
  • x2 Peroci Pencils 2B
  • x2 Peroci Pencils 6B
  • NAS Liberty Eraser
  • Long Bay SPECIAL Brush Set in MESH PENCIL CASE
  • Eisen Sharpener 99 1 Hole Catcher & Magnifier
  • Perspex Sheet A4 3mm Clear
  • Staedtler Glue Stick 35g


Orders placed by 20th January 2019 will be delivered during the first week of term. Thereafter delivery will be weekly.